Perpetual motion generator has been hyped beyond belief – it’s the dream of free energy.

As a child, I remember my grandfather jokingly telling me that the clock on the wall was running by perpetual motion. The actual scientific breakdown of that motion was that a spring was tightened and released due to the temperature change between morning and night time thus creating perpetual motion. The only problem was that there was an air conditioning unit within the home which cooled down the heat during the day, so essentially there was another source of power involved to make the entire system work!

Still sounds interesting right?

In my honest opinion, the ideas that perpetual motion generators will never run down is a bit overrated but imagine a machine that leverages the universal forces of nature to maintain a tiny level of repulsion that is just enough to put out a fraction more energy than it takes to keep the machine moving.

With the advancements in physics today, we have the ability to create slick rotors that can maintain this fraction measured motion for very long periods of time – longer than an average human being can live.

We all know that a perpetual motion generator runs on the basis of energy being produced by the force of magnets. The Earth goes around the Sun following the same process that perpetual motion generator follows, but it has other factors involved in its movements as well. The Earth is so huge that even if the perpetual motion did stop, the momentum of it will keep it moving for so long that we would not be able to notice the difference for millions of years.

I’m not into fairytales; I am a scientist who seeks proven facts of scientific knowledge. From my extensive research, there definitely machines in the past 100 years that have came darn close to being called the real perpetual motion generator.  There has been numerous scientists throughout the world that have lost their lives to conglomerate industries, attempting to discover these revolutionary machines – but that’s another story.

In my hunt for the best perpetual motion generator, I have reviewed a lot of different weird looking devices and created my very own “Free Energy Report” that contains my own personal reviews of these devices along with other bits of information on alternative energy sources and conserving energy in our everyday lives.

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perpetual motion generator coilCan we really create a perpetual motion generator and produce free energy?

The fundamental principle behind any energy-producing device is that the energy output must be equal to the amount of work applied but this law does not apply to a perpetual motion generator because repelling energy works infinitely.

Critics have always made outrageous claims that perpetual motion is nothing more than a gimmick but no physicist has refuted the claim that perpetual motion can put out more than it takes in.  The most perplexing part of this debate is the FACT that perpetual motion generators have already been gone through intense scientific validation but suspiciously, the findings have never been released to the public.

Big government and energy conglomerates have spent countless dollars suppressing applicable theory and possible free energy devices because their entire business and pricing model runs off the notion that energy is a limited regulated commodity.

The secret cannot hide forever, especially now. Energy enthusiast and hardcore physicists have been obsessively attempting to create the most synchronized perpetual motion – they have succeeded.

Astoundingly, they discovered that the core elements of perpetual motion that include inner repelling magnets and rotating gears can be modified and refined until the motion becomes contentiously harmonious. The most amazing part of this finding is that it does not take a world-renowned physicist or die hard alternative energy enthusiast to construct his or her very own perpetual motion generator.

The entire process has been broken down including materials, tools and time it takes to create your own generator. There will never be a better time than now to take action and discover the truth behind free energy generators. Get the Perpetual Motion Generator Report today.